"Hearing Tumours" - using Music to Express Brain Tumour Symptoms

My mum has been suffering with a brain tumour (Hypoglossal Nerve Schwannoma) over the past few years and has had a number of operations. She experiences symptoms such as tinnitus, headaches and low mood. Hearing Tumours is a collaboration with my mum to try and express these symptoms and how she feels about her tumour musically.


healing the eyes of the world

How does Aravind Eye Hospital practice love, kindness and compassion in its daily work? This documentary while attempting to answer this question uncovers 'The Aravind Way' of doing things. This project was a collaboration with Emmy Award winning film maker Andrew Hinton (Pilgrim Films). It was a pleasure to compose the music for this film and I tried to put a sound to the journey of a patient. 



A clip of the live lounge performance and interview on Alpa Pandya's Gujarati Show to celebrate the Navratri festival.

Tanya Wells (Vocals/bells), Richard Herdman (Guitar/bass), Winton Palmer (Lap slide/bass), Dhanush Lodhia (Tabla/dholak), Nash Bollani (Drums)


the Rhapsody project

Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity has launched a mobile phone app as part of its new arts in health project, Rhapsody, which brings together music and visual arts into an interactive audio tour for the benefit of hospital patients. I was extremely lucky to be 1 of 15 composers selected to compose a piece for Rhapsody. My track titled "The Four Saints" was based on the stained glass window in the hospital chapel and is an instrumental blues track. The idea was that the saints would float through the wards like rockstars healing people with their rockstar-like energy.  We were mentored by Grammy award winning composer Eric Whitacre and Head of Composition at Royal College of Music, William Mival.  


Go Inspire Go - 50/50 Campaign with toan lam

I made this music for a dear inspirational friend Toan Lam, founder of Go Inspire Go. GIG is on a mission to showcase the countless unsung heroes across the country and tell their stories. 50 of the most extraordinary individuals across the 50 US states. 


women of hope

Women of Hope is a powerful and inspiring story based on the true testimonies of strong women who have transcended Domestic Violence.  A production directed by Renu Arora.  Performed at the RichMix London and Amnesty International.


A Musical approach to medicine

This is a artistic photography project which I did during medical school. The aim is to express the collaboration between music and medicine. 


music is...

This is a short interview about what music means to me.

Film shot by Pramal Lad 


jagriti yatra

Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey that takes hundreds of India's highly motivated youth (and some international participants) on an eighteen day national odyssey, introducing them to unsung heroes of India. The aim is to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship - both social and economic - by exposing them to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India's challenges.  Another collaboration with the incredibly talented film maker Andrew Hinton. 


Black orpheus - Spoken word by justina kehinde

Black Orpheus is a poem about the ideologies surrounding 'blackness'. From the artistic world where black is the absence of light, to 18th Century slavery propaganda which presented the black man as a debased individual right the way through to 21st Century shadism, the poem seeks to expose the difference between blackness and darkness and instead celebrate the different shades of the human race. An original poem by Justina Kehinde, shot and cut by Isaac Ssebandeke.  I composed the original music to accompany this powerful poetry. 


We must be their Voice...

This is a short film made by Be Inspired Films highlighting the plight of millions of trafficked children every year around the world. I tried to capture the emotion of the visuals and reflect the varying themes with music. 


bharatiya vidya bhavan - home of indian arts

The Bhavan Centre - Institute of Indian Art and Culture is the largest centre of its kind outside India. Its purpose is to preserve the tradition and heritage of India. The music for this advert was a lot of fun to compose as I love the energy at the Bhavan and I tried to encapsulate the fusion of Eastern and Western sounds within this piece. 


Complex simplicities - behind the music

A short video about the Complex Simplicities EP... download it at: Film shot and edited by Ray Khan.  The Complex Simplicities EP was featured as BBC Introducing in 2012 on Bobby Friction's Asian Network show. 


"Once upon a time in london" 

I made this short film when I was living in Central London as a first year medical student. It depicts a persons quest to escape the big busy city only to find there is no way out. London is a city with so many people, yet you can feel so lonely at times. I often use music as a means of communicating my own feelings and this was a very personal track.  It went on to win the QMSU Creative Arts prize.